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Yog Science DVD's By Yog Rishin Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
Yog For Diabetes DVD
Healthy Yogic Treatment Through
Pranayam - Yog Aasan - Acupressure - Home Remedies

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Yog For Diabetes DVD By Swami Ramdev
Yog For Diabetes DVD
Yog For Diabetes DVD by Swami Ramdev

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Yog For Diabetes DVD by Swami Ramdev

Diabetes is the mother of all diseases, as it results in many complications in the body like: Cardiac Malfunctioning, General weakness, Kidney Failure, Eye Related disorders, Impotency etc to name few. Diabetes is not only controlled but also cured through our age old traditional practice of yog, Pranayama and Ayurvedic science.

The Whole world is terrified with diabetes and is caught in the clutches of it’s unlimited complications. Though Medical Science has developed Insulin to control It, but complete cure is still far away and which can only be achieved through Yoga which is the solutions of all ailments.

A complete Routine analysis of a diabetic patient, as to what one should eat, the amazing home remedies which one can imbibe in his routine, in order to get rid of Diabetes.

This DVD features specially designed package of yog, a natural method of healing, which not only controls but cures diabetes and it’s complications.

Disclaimer :
The contents of this DVD is free from any claim, as results may differ from person to person. the company and it’s associates are not responsible for any consequences.