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Ray Ban Face Guide

Ray Ban The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Faces come in all sapes and sizes. Reason why sunglasses come in so many styles. Using the line of your eyebrow is a good indicator of the type of frame that will flow with the shape of your face.

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Square Square
Slightly curved frames compliment this face shape. The top of the frame should sit high enough on the face to downplay the jawline.
Oval Oval
More frames look good with this face shape than any other, as long as the size of the frames is in propotion to the face.
Round Round
Select frames with straight or angular lines. Deep colour such as black or tortoise also minimises the roundness.
Oblong Oblong
Find frames to cover as much of the center of the face as possible, in order to minimise the length of the face.
Triangular Triangular
Frames with thin rims and vertical lines will help balance the bottom part of the face. Avoid large frames, heavy nose bridges, bold colours and square shapes.
What Makes Ray Ban The World's Finest Sunglasses?

Lenses :
The raw material for Ray-Ban comes from the highest grade optical quality material. The lens is made under strictly controlled conditions to ensure no blemishes, bubbles or distortions are present as they can cause eye strain.

Ultra violet Protection :
Although invisible, UV rays can be harmful to the eye just as they are to the skin. Long term exposure can cause cataract and even blindness. Therefore a good pair of sunglasses is essential.

The accepted standards of UV Protection in the non prescription sunglasses category have been set up by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI standards state that the ultra violet transmittance for UVA rays for all non - prescription sunglasses should be 0.125TV max. (TV = visible transmittance) and 1% maximum under high and prolonged exposure.

All Ray-Ban lenses check harmful UV rays and reduce level of infrared rays.

Outstanding Stability :
The absorptive qualities are imparted to the optical glass by chemical oxides added to the basic glass mixture at manufacture. Because these oxides are a part of the glass, the colours they impart are permanent and they will not fade or change, even with years of exposure to the sun.

Warranty :
All Ray - Ban sunglasses come with one year warranty against any kind of material or manufacturing defect.

Ultra Violet Protection
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