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Kids Activities - VCD / DVD / CD-ROMs
 Alpha Numa

Alpha Numa Activities
Pebbles presents Alpha Numa Activities which will introduce English alphabets (Big and Small) and numbers to the child and also show how to write out the same with more than 20 activities to help children mastering alphabets, words, numbers and counting in a fun and visually attractive way.

This will improve mouse skills, memory, visual recognition for children. The puzzle and quizzes will stimulates the minds and sharpen the intelligence. Words and spelling activities help early smart in words formation, recognition and spelling.

Key concepts covered for the children are:

• Alphabets (Big and Small)
• Numbers (1 to 20)
• Writing of the above
• Recognization of the above
• Typing Alphabets and Numbers.
• Relating to colours
• Relating to shapes
• Formations of small words
• Visual recognition 
• Memory and Counting.

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

Read ans Spell

Read and Spell
Pebbles present Read and spell for children to learn spelling and to improve English reading, listening and comprehension skills in an easy and entertaining way. Over 500 words to spell and 15 different activities to give many hours of fun and learning.

Spelling Section
• Dictation
• Spell Quiz
• Visual Spell
• Spell fill
• Spell catch
• Spell Jumble
• Sport the mistake

Reading Section 
• Hare and Tortoise
• Diwali
• Lion and Mouse
• Speller ship
• Spot  the word
• Complete the sentence
• Gandhiji

• Learning spelling of more than 500 words in an interesting way

• Learning to recognize visually, common objects and spell them out

• Jumbles improve word formation and recognition skills

• Improve listening comprehension

• Improve reading comprehension

• Puzzles to recognize words based on clues help improve thinking

An easy and user friendly approach to the liking of the children will enthuse them tremendously to improve their reading, spelling, listening and comprehension skills manifold and use the English language unhindered.

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

 English Basic

English Basic
Pebbles presents English basic which will teach you to use the different parts of sentence to express succinctly and clearly what one feel. You’ll learn the basic structure of spoken language and the rules that form the correct usage of the language to communicate ideas and feelings.

Understanding basic English Grammar rules helps the speaker apply them to spoken language and makes functional communication Accurate and effective. 

For easier understanding the CD id divided into 10 weeks course and is packed with lot of Exciting Games and activities which makes learning full of fun.

Contents – Words, Sentences Subject and Predicate

Article : Phrases, Clauses, Direct/Indirect Speech
Tense : Presents, Past and Future
Parts of speech : Noun, Gender and Number, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs, Pronouns, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections.

More than 20 games and 400 activities to help children apply essential skills in written and spoken English. English basics, taught in a fun filled environ, will enhance the kids mastery over the language.

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

 Pre School

Pre School
Pebbles presents pre school for building kids, a playful imaginative introduction to various things around us. Basic things are vividly explained using colourful  illustrations and animations to sustain the interest of the children. This will build a solid foundation for early learning skills. They will not even be realizing how much they’re learning !

Bonus Activity Section foe PC
It boosts the skills in thinking reasoning etc.
Identify me  - To identify various animals and Birds.

Who am I – Will be shown a picture and identify. Also Sound and me, and Odd man out.
This will enhance the confidence of the kids and give a head start in their knowledge level before they start at the school.

• Alphabets
• Shapes
• Vehicles
• Foods
• Flowers
• Birds
• Home
• Animals
• Fruits
• Days and Months
• Numbers
• Colours
• Technology
• Vegetables
• Good Habits

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

Learn with Fun Maths

Learn with Fun Maths
Pebbles presents Learn with Fun Maths : It will teach teach your kids the basic  Mathematical concepts like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication  in a play way method. Also it will help children in identifying and Memorizing Numbers, Painting, etc.,

Fire the Sum
Two modules involving addition / Subtraction and Multiplication / Division separately with different difficulty levels.

Missing Numbers
By the end of this game your child would know the difference between odd and even numbers.

Play with Dolphin
The Dolphin in the pool waits to click on the correct answer for the problem shown and then dives into the ring.

Fractions rare introduced in a simple way. A graph is provided to plot the right answer on the given graph.

Basket Ball
The Child should see the number appearing on the score board and drag each ball and drop them in their respective Baskets.

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

Fun Zone

Pebbles presents Funzone which has interesting Games, Quiz, Activities and Puzzles to educate and entertain your kids would be trained skills, Spelling and vocabulary. Creativity, Concentration and analytical abilities in a very interesting way. Quiz section will test and improve the General Knowledge.

• Cheese Hunt
• Bounce the Ball
• Dart Balloons
• Colour Dart
• Shark Attack

• General Knowledge
• Cricket
• Science
• Sports
• History

• Memory Games
• Build your Home
• Egg Catch
• Colour Me 
• Sport the Differences

• Picture Jumble
• Word Jumble
• Missing Vowels
• Word Grids
• Jigsaw Puzzles

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

Puzzle Games and Word

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

World Around Us

Within India : $ 6.95 XNos
  Worldwide : $ 9.95 XNos

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