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Women's Horlicks
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Women's Horlicks

Give strength and vitality

Horlicks The Great Family Nourisher


The Great Family Nourisher



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help me take care of Women's Blood and Bone Health .

Provides better blood and bone health for women:

Women's Horlicks is a complete list of micro nutrients for every woman. Women's Horlicks is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). It consists of a unique blend of nourishing ingredients, which are scientifically formulated to provide vitamins, calcium and protein.

Benefits of Women's Horlicks:
Specially designed with HEMOCAL nutrients for better Blood and Bone health
Being low in fat and zero sugar, this suffices my nourishment without any extra calories
Rich source of Vitamin A, E, Zinc and Selenium for healthy and supple skin
A wholesome and natural combination of malt, wheat and milk
Fuelled with Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamins to take that extra leap in your hectic life
Quick and Easy to mix

Nourishing Women's Horlicks

Provides 100% quota of my daily requirement of calcium, iron and other vital nutrients that help me take care of my Blood and Bone Health. These nutrients are also important to give me strength and vitality**to do a little extra in my packed life.

Special Women's Horlicks

Has a unique combination of HEMOCALTM nutrients including ideal quality milk protein. Specially formulated with low fat1 and no added sugar2, it takes care of my nourishment without the extra calories.

Trusted Women's Horlicks

Has been specially created at the Horlicks Nutrition Academy by combining scientific knowledge and expertise. It is the first and only health drink in India with the complete list of micronutrients recommended for women by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Women's Horlicks Assurance:

100% RDA of Iron & Calcium, Rich in Milk Protein, Low Fat, No Added Sugar.