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Nutren Junior
Nutritional Supplement For Children Above 2 Years

Nutren Junior
Provides complete nutrition to the growing child
Delicious vanilla flavor
Nestle Nutren Junior

Nestle Nan Pro 4 - Follow-up Formula Powder For Older Infants - Contains DHA and Essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6. Rich source of Protein With 50: 50 Whey : Casein blend. Enery rich nutrition fortified with Calcium & Vitamin D.

Worldwide :
400g : $25.45 X nos
800g (2 x 400g) : $44.45 X nos
1600 (4 x 400g) : $82.95 X nos

Nestle Nutren Junior
Proprietary Food
Nutritional Supplement For Children

Nestlé India recently launched NUTREN Junior, an advanced nutritional supplement specially designed for children above 2 years of age.

Growing children are exposed daily to the outside world and their immune system faces new challenges. They require daily nutrition that helps in immune system functioning and healthy growth.

What are the key nutrients present in Nutren Junior ? :
Every tasty glass of " Nutren" Junior provides Prebiotics, Probiotics (Bifldus V)DHA, Essential fatty acids Omega 3* & 6 Energy, Protein, 14 Vitamins and 12 miinerals.

Every glass of Nutren Junior Provide Protein Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Zinc(Zn), Selenium(Se) Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Feeding Table

Volume (1 serve) Energy Powder Water
255 Kcal 6 scoops or 255g 210ml
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