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Mother's Horlicks
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Mother's Horlicks

For Pregnant & Breast-Feeding Mothers

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Mother's Horlicks


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Helps in development of baby’s bones and teeth

Improve baby’s weight:

Mothers Horlicks is a unique formulation has an essential fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid or DHA from a vegetarian source. Numerous studies have suggested that DHA helps in brain development of the child during pregnancy and the first few years of life. Mother's Horlicks has been manufactured through a natural process of malting or germination that helps to produce enzymes which in turn helps to breakdown complex starches and proteins into simpler molecules making it easy to digest.

Benefits of Mother's Horlicks:
Contains DHA and Choline for all round development of the baby and aids during pregnancy and lactation
Includes Elemental calcium and vitamin D that helps in development of baby’s bones and teeth
Ideal quality protein for enhanced energy
Vitamins rich drink that play a vital role in psychomotor development and improve baby’s weight
Nutritious ingredients that improve the quality and quantity of breast milk during lactation
Quick and Easy to mix

Nourishing Women's Horlicks

Has 27 vital nutrients, including Choline and DHA, known to be important for normal development of baby’s brain and nervous system. In the absence of DHA, intelligence of baby may be seriously impaired. My body also requires more Choline during pregnancy and lactation.

Is made with wholesome ingredients, using a unique process that helps make it easy to digest. Its nourishment can also help improve the birth weight of baby, while post delivery it can help improve the quantity of breast milk.

Has been specially created for me at the Horlicks Nutrition Academy, using scientific knowledge and expertise. Designed with Choline, DHA, vitamins, minerals and ideal quality protein, it provides essential nutrients proven to help in the all-round development of baby. Mother’s Horlicks is an ideal drink during pregnancy and after.

Is a carefully crafted combination of wholesome ingredients with the rich flavour of chocolate. Since baby receives all its nourishment from me during this period, I like to make Mother’s Horlicks a part of diet, thrice a day.