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Horlicks Gold
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Horlicks Gold

For brain function and physical growth

Gives kids Energy for today and Growth for tomorrow


Horlicks Gold

Golden Malt

Chocolate Delight

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For healthy bones & muscle, Restore and maintain energy and vitality levels

Carrying a legacy of 100 years, Horlicks is a delicious malt-based drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It consists of a unique blend of nourishing ingredients, which are scientifically formulated to provide vitamins, calcium and protein.

All of this helps you and your family to restore and maintain energy and vitality levels. Apart from being a great tasting drink, Horlicks Gold helps provide the nourishment essential for growing children too!.

Benefits of Horlicks Gold:

A superior formulation of 26 vital nutrients that gives your kid energy for today and growth for tomorrow.
Packed with Calcium and Vitamin D for healthy bones & muscle
A rich source of Vitamin A, C, B12, B6 , Zinc, Iron and Iodine vital for brain function and physical growth
Fuelled with Stamina nutrients like Vitamin B1, B2, E for protection against cell damage
All in all natural ingredients to be rest assured about your family’s health
Quick and Easy to mix

Provides double action nutrition* that is nutrient that not only make your kids Taller, Stronger and Sharper but also give them Stamina so that they they can Grow More and Do More. A superior formulation of 26 vital nutrients, it gives kids Energy for today and Growth for tomorrow.

Is so quick to mix and easy to disolve, that preparing it is a special experience in itself.Made with a rich collection of natural ingredients like specially selected wheat and barley, it is perfectly blended with absolute care and precision for a world class experience.

Has been created after years of research and knowledge of making Horlicks. Developed with nutritionistst, scientists and specialized tasters, it combines the skill and expertise of a wide variety of experts so that I get the best for me and my family.

Has the best ever taste of Horlicks that my whole family can enjoy till the last drop. Roasted malt and special malt extracts give an enhanced aroma and a delightful taste that is just so difficult to resist.