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Complan Nutri-Gro

Help maximize growth potential

Help physical growth and maintenance of the body


Complan Nutri-Gro

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Premium Chocolate

Premium Chocolate

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Benefits of Complan Health Drinks:

Complan NutriGro is scientifically designed for 2 to 4 year old children to help maximize their growth potential. Help build immunity and develop internal resistance to fight infections for healthy growth and development.
Contain 8 immunity builders including prebiotic
Help build internal resistance to illness
Enriched with DHA, PUFA, iron and iodine that helps brain development
Contain vital nutrition for child development
High quality proteins with proportion
Provides source of energy Helps mental alertness
Develop strong and healthy bones and teeth
Help to maintain water balance in the body
Keeps your child mentally and physically sharp and active
Build immunity Brain development and and cognitive
Efficient conversion of food to energy
Keeps the nervous system healthy

Complan Nutrigro is a complete planned food offering planned and balanced nutrition for growing children. It helps bridge nutritional gaps in children's diet who are fussy eaters and helps maximize their growth potential. Being a nutrition expert its formulation is designed mainly as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). Complan has more than 52% milk solids and is a leading brand in Milk Products Category.

Stronger Immunity with 8 Immunity Builders:
An efficient immune system is extremely important for growing children of this age. Complan NutriGro has 8 special immunity builders including prebiotic to help build internal resistance to illnesses.

Healthy Growth With 100% Key# Growth Nutrients and 100% Milk Protein :

Complan nutriGro has 100% Key# growth Nutrients and protein (100% from milk sources) to help deliver superior growth including height and weight gain. The macro and micro nutrients have been designed to deliver balanced nutrition.

Brain Development and Function:
Research shows that most of the brain growth in children heppens by 5-6 years of age. Complan NutriGro is enriched with DHA, PUFA, Iron and Iodine which help brain development and improve cognitive functions.

Easy to Digest with Milk Protein and Prebiotic:
The Milk Protein and Prebiotic in Complan NutriGro makes it easily digestible.

Is your child a fussy eater? Does he frequently fall ill? 2 to 4 years is a critical phase of growth for children. Mothers worry about their children's fussy eating habits as lack of adequate nutrition affects growth during these formative years. Healthy food and nutrition for kids is top priority at this stage of life. Inadequate nutrition also weakens immunity (the body's internal resistance to fight illnesses) at a time when children's exposure to the unprotected environment outside home increases.

Presenting Complan NutriGro, a complete planned food in a drink for kids and is specially designed for 2 to 4 year old children. It provides balanced nutrition and helps build immunity, which in turn maximizes children’s growth potential.
Usage of Complan NutriGro Kids Health Drinks :
Recommended usage 3 times a day. 1.Breakfast time 2. In the evening 3. Bedtime

Prepare Complan Nutri-Gro in a few simple steps:
Take two heaped tablespoons (approx 33g in a cup)
Add a little warm water or milk
Stir till it turns smooth and creamy
Fill up with warm water or milk
Add sugar to taste
This product is not an infant milk substitute or infant food for children below 2 years of age.
Non-alcoholic ready-to-serve beverage mix (Proprietary Food). # 5 Key Growth Nutrients based on Indian RDA, 2010 for 1-3 yrs Children.