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Secret of Winning Energy

Help increase stamina



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Benefits of Boost :

Boost is one of the leading malt-based Health Food Drink in a chocolate flavor. This drink is enriched with EnVita Nutrients, a unique scientific combination of essential vitamins and minerals that significantly improve the levels of key nutrients, important for energy metabolism to help increase stamina.

Features of Boost Health Drink:
Fuelled with Vitamin B12, B2 & B6 for optimal utilization of oxygen in your body
Packed with Calcium and Vitamin D for maintaining optimum bone health and strength
Enjoy this great-tasting nutritional supplement as a mini meal or between-meal snack
All in all natural ingredients to be rest assured about your health
Quick and Easy to mix

Nutritional Facts Nutrient Functions
EnVita Nutrients** - Delivery per serve 20g  
Iron 8.9 mg Vitamin C - 37.6 mg Important for healthy blood to support optimal oxygen carrying capacity essential for stamina
itamin B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin (50%), Magnesium, Zinc (17%) Energy release from food for efficient working of body cells
Vitamin B12 - 1.13 mcg Folic Acid - 112.5 mcg Vitamin B2 - 0.56 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.63 mg which help in optimal utilization of oxygen by the body important for stamina
Vitamin B1 - 0.56 mg Niacin - 6.0 mg
Which help in energy release from food essential for efficient working of body cells
biotin - 5.0 mcg Panthotenic Acid - 1.0 mg
Iodine - 39.6 mcg Magnesium - 16.5 mcg
Vitamin A - 125.0 mg Copper - 175.0 mcg Zinc - 0.92 mg Which help protect from excessive cell damage due to oxidative stress
Vitamin D - 0.63 mcg Calcium - 115.5 mg Protein - 1.5g Which help in maintenance of optimal bone and muscle health for strength

**Term EnVita Nutrients is a creative rendition for the micronutrients that have a role in energy metabolism and physical performance (endurance).