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Abbott Vanilla Flavour Nutritional Powder

Complete, Balanced Nutrition

Complete, balanced nutrition for supplemental use between or with meals


Ensure Nutritional Powder

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For healthier heart:

Ensure Powder, when mixed with water, makes a drink that provides complete and balanced nutrition for use as a meal replacement, or as a supplement.

Specially Formulated with a fat blens to support your health, Ensure provides essential fatty acids and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol for people who desire a healthy diet. Ensure also contains a natural source of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) for gut health.

Ensure may be used to supplement the diet, to increase caloric and protein intake, or to maintain good nutrition. Additionally, Ensure may be substituted for meals, or portions of meals.

Ensure is free of gluten and lactose
Not for use in galactosemia
Not intended for use in children

Ensure is a complete and balanced nutrition with well balanced proportions of macronutrients in accord with guidelines for Dietary Reference Intake developed jointly by US and Canadian Authorities and conforms to the very latest American Heart Association Guidelines for Healthy Diets.

Protein 15%
Carbohydrate 55%
Fat 30%

Ensure can be used as a sole source of nutrition when consumed and reconstituted in appropriate amounts. It (reconstituted with water) is also a complete, balanced nutrition for supplemental use between or with meals. With Prebiotics- FOS and Inulin.
Mama’s Best has a unique formulation that supports:
Helps Increase Height & weight : Pediasure provides complete and balanced nutrition and is clinically proven to help increase height and weight for those who consume regularly.

Brain Development :
70% of the baby’s brain growth occurs during pregnancy

Features of Ensure Health Drink :
Better nutrient absorption, enhanced immunity and normalize GI function
Promotes 71% growth of beneficial bacteria in 2 weeks
Helps lower triglycerides
For healthier heart, modulate immune response and helps improve lung function
HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN : For tissue repair and lean body mass (muscle and bone)
Provide strength, energy and support for healing and recovery
low cholesterol, low sodium, low saturated fat and no transfat
For healthier heart
Standard Dilution
6 level scoops (53.8g) to 195 ml of water

Directions for use of Ensure Health Drink:
To Prepare a 230ml feeding, put 190ml of water in a glass. Gradually add 6 level scoops (Scoop enclosed) or 53.4 of Ensure powder, while stirring and mix until dissolved. When mixed as directed, Ensure provides approximately 1 kilo calorie per ml. A 400 gram can of powder yileds approximately seven and half 230 ml servings.

Ensure As Tube Feeding : Follow physician's/dietitian's directions. When starting tube feeding, the flow rate, volume and dilution are dependent on patient condition and tolerance. Care should be taken to avoid contamination of this product during preparation and administration.