Question Bank Software CD for SSB Interviews and Psycho-Intelligence Tests[ SSB ] - preparing students.
Suitable for All types of commission through

NDA , IMA , OTA , AFA , Naval Academy , NCC Entry, UES (University Entry Scheme) , WSES (Women Special Entry Scheme), ACC (Army Cadet College) , Special Branch Commission , Commission in Territorial Army and 10+2 Technical Entry (In Army and Navy)

Covering Topics:

Screening Test
Intelligence Tests VERBAL
Verbal Analogies Tests
Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests
Word Association Test (WAT)
Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) Picture - Story
Test of Personality Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
GTO Tasks / Group Planning and Individual Tasks Explained with Pictures
Interview Tips
PIQ - Form (Tips for filling]
Army , Navy , Air Force Rank Quiz

The questions prepared by the well experienced professionals, which includes, previous year questions. Answers with Explanatory Steps.

Students can practice unlimited times. Questions are appeared randomly.
CD consisting 2 sessions.
Study Room and Test Examination Preparation.

Study Room Session
It makes you get enough practice with selected number of questions. There is no time restriction in this session. To clear your doubts, you can get online assistance too.

Test Examination Session
In this session, you can set your own question paper with time duration and marks. Options for negative marks. After completing the test examination, you can view your performance which indicate total number of questions, answered questions, unanswered questions, correct answers, wrong answers, marks you scored and the time duration.

You can view a graphical comparison of your last five test examination performances in each subject with PIE chart, Bar Graph, Line Graph and 3D Bar graphs. Then, in the evaluation section you can evaluate your results. This gives you the confidence on your answers. The evaluation is based upon the three factors: correctly answered questions, unanswered questions and wrongly answered questions. By clicking the required question, you can view the answer.

Effective in every aspect
 An well-experienced team of lectures and professionals work behind the questions.
 Since questions are appeared always in random order, there is no chance of skipping any chapter.
 The study room session is developed in such a manner that; it would resemble a presentation by an experienced guide.
 Test examination session is perfect in developing your speed of answering and thus it sparks off your confidence.
 Self-evaluation stimulates your memory power and graphical representation displays your improvement test by test.