CD contains more than 18000 questions. Including previous examination papers, latest syllabus questions & commonly asked general questions. CD is classified into 3 sessions, namely Study room session, Test examination preparation & Model examination pattern.

Study room session:
It makes you get enough practice with selected number of questions. There is no time restriction in this session. To clear your doubts, you can get online assistance too.
Test Examination session:
In this session, you can set your own question paper with time duration and marks. Option for negative mark is also there. After completing the  test examination, you can view your performance which includes total number of questions, answered questions, unanswered questions, correct answers, wrong answers, marks you scored and the time durations. You can view a graphical comparison fo your last five test examination performace in each subject using PIR chart, Bar Graph, Line Graph and 3D Bar graphs. Then, there are the evaluation sections in which you can evaluate your results. This gives you confidence on your answers. The evaluation is based upon three factors: Correctly answered questions, unanswered questions and wrongly answered questions. By clicking over the required question, you can view the answer.
Model examination session:
The model examinations are based on your final examinations. After getting enough practice in both study room and test examination, you can try the model exams. With this session you will be brought through the same processes in the test examination session like viewing results, self-evaluation etc.