Fruit Basket
Fruits are a wonderful and a healthy gift for any season. The fruits are packed in a gift bag and placed into a shipping carton for protection during transit. (The baskets shown in the pictures are not part of the standard shipment.)
Delivery only in Coimbatore
within 2 to 7 working days. Book early to ensure timely delivery.


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Apple (Kashmir)
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $5.95 per 1.5kg)
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $3.95 per 1.5kg)
Sathukudi (Moosambi)
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $3.45 per 1.5kg)
Grapes (Paneer / Black)
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $2.95 per 1.5kg)
Pine Apple
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $2.95 per 1.5kg)
Pomegranate (Kabul)
= 1.5kgX bag - (Price: $5.95 per 1.5kg)
= 2 kgX bag - (Price: $2.95 per 2 kgs)
= 2 kgX bag - (Price: $3.95 per 2kgs)
= 2 kgX bag - (Price: $3.95 per 2kgs)
= 2 dozens X Dozen - (Price: $2.95 per 2 dozens)

Note: Due to the nature of freshly-picked fruits and the effects of unpredictable weather, we reserve the right to substitute another variety of the specific fruit requested. We will get your confirmation if any substitution is necessary.

Prices include shipping charges.