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Tikhalal Chilli Powder
A Perfect Blend of Pure Spices
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Tikhalal Chilli Powder

Everest Tikhalal Hot Chilli Powder

200g (100g x 2 packets) : $8.95 x nos
400g (100g x 4 packets): $14.45 x nos
800g (100g x 8 packets): $23.95x nos

Everest Tikhalal
Hot Chilli Powder, Red Too

Agmark Standard Grade

Botanical name: Capsicum annum L., Capsicum frutescens L.
Family name: Solanaceae
Commercial part: Green as well as ripe and dried pod (fruit)

A fine-ground chilli powder that is a perfect blend of colour and pungency.

Carefully graded chillies, hygienically ground and scientifically packed to retain red colour, pungency and farm-fresh flavour. No artificial colours used.

Chilli is a heating spice and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and degrees of pungency. Chilli is America's most important contribution to the world of spices, though today it is one of India's major export attractions.

The highly pungent 'Guntur' and the mildly pungent 'Byadgi' chillies are internationally recognised as the finest in quality.

Usage of Everest Tikhalal Chilli Powder:
Chillies are used in Indian dishes for their hot taste and reddish colour. Red chilli ground together with coconut gives curry a firm texture. Chillies are a great source of vitamin C and good for digestion.

Ingredient of Everest Tikhalal Chilli Powder:
Chilli Powder in this package contains an admixture of not more than 2% of edible groundnut oil.

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