Beat the power cuts - buy an electronic Power Generators

An Ideal gift to your loved ones for Convenience and Safety
Delivery : Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Vijayawada within 7 working days.


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Digital Sine Wave home UPS

A reliable support for your PC also - 
  • Advanced DSP Technology Sine wave home UPS
  • Zero Humming in Utilities
  • Instant Changeover Supports Computer, Home Theater, DVD Player
  • Powered by India's only Ultra Low Maintenance (ULM) Battery AMARON / XENON
  • Value Package - India's only Home UPS, Trolley and Battery package manufactured under ISO 9001 certified facilities.
Techinical Specification
AC input voltage 230V + 15% - 20%
Mains mode
(a) Fast changeover Mode (F.C)
Mains Low cut 
Mains High cut 
180V +/-5V
260V +/-5V
(b) Slow changeover Mode (S.C)
Mains Low cut 
Mains High cut 

100V +/-5V
280V +/-5V
Battery Voltage 12V
AC O/P Voltageat No load 220 +/-7V
Out Put Frequency 50 Hz +/- 0.1 Hz
Battery Charging Boost mode & trickle mode with required current limit.
Battery lower Voltage Limit 10.1 V for Single Battery
Battery maximum Charging Current 10Amp +/- 1.5A
Recommended Battery capacity 80-180AH/12V

650VA UPS - $ 375.00 x Nos.

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