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Children CD's
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Children Nursery Rhymes CD's (Only in PC)
3D Kids Rhymes Vol -1

3D Kids Rhymes Vol -2

3D School Rhymes

Animal Rhymes

Bird Rhymes

Best of Nursery Rhymes Volume - 1

Best Of Nursery Rhymes Vol - 2

Nursery Rhymes

Children Educational & General Knowledge CD's (Only in PC)
3D Encyclopedia of Animals & Foods

3D Encyclopedia of English for Smart Kids

3D GK Encyclopedia

3D Kids General Knowledge Encyclopedia

3D Things Around Us

Alphabets Learning & Writing

Encyclopedia of Earth , Universe, Science & Facts

Encyclopedia of India

Alphabets & Numbers

Kindergarten Basics

Numbers Learning & Writing


English For Kids

Kids English With Phonetics

General Knowledge

How Things Work

Phonetics & Punctuation

Encyclopedia of 3D Place Around US

Pre School Essentials

Pre School Favourite

Safety Precaution Is Better Than Cure

3D Transport, People & Profesion

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade

Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Variety Pack

Reader Rabbit Pre School

Reader Rabbit Pre School Variety Pack

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics (1st & 2nd Grade)

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics (Pre School & Kindergarten)

Reader Rabbit Toddler

Kid Pix

Inventions and Discoveries

Learn 'n' Joy

Children Moral Stories & Educational Games CD's (Only in PC)
Tales Of Akbar Birbal

All in One Stories Vol - 1

All in One Stories Vol-2

Legends of IndiaBal Ganesha

Lord Vishnu's Dashavatar Vol - 1

Lord Vishnu's Dashavatar Vol - 2

Jai Ma Durga

Jai Maa Durga

Laughing Tales



Mahatma Gandhi

Mighty Little Ones

New Age Moral Stories

Once Upon a Time

Tales of Tenali Raman


Clue Finder 3rd Grade

Clue Finder 4th Grade

Clue Finder 5th Grade

Clue Finder 6th Grade