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Business Skill CD's
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Business Skills Courses(Only in PC)
Handling difficult people

Handling difficult people Business CD's

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AudioBook on CD
Handling difficult people

For use in your CD player or Computer, ipod and Mp3 compatible.

Learn the art of handling difficult people in only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction. This audiobook is part of the simply Magazine Lifestyle series. Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, MP3 compatible.

Featured Tracks
1. Introduction : We all have trouble with these people
2. Strategies : Give yourself permission to defend yourself
3. Four Types : 2 to worry about, 2 simpler to handle
4. Patterns for each type : Attackers, Complainers, Know it alls, Ineffectives
5. Accept your losses : Distance them for results
6. Effective Strategies
7. Have the end in mind
8. Family members
9. Friends
10. Professional & Business & Community
11. 6 Recommended Books

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