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Perfect Glow
Multi-Layer Skin Tone Perfector SPF 15
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Vivel Perfect Glow
Instantly Radiant, Rehydrated, Touchable Skin
Vivel Perfect Glow Multi Layer Skin Tone Perfector

Vivel Perfect Glow Multi Layer Skin Tone Perfector - Intensive Vitapro Complex SPF 15.
Flawless Even Toned Skin

  • Multi layer Spot Correction
  • Anti-Oxidant Action
  • Broad Spectrun UVA, UVB Sun Block

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Vivel Perfect Glow Multi Layer Skin Tone Perfector
Light & non-greasy, Smooth texture, Quick & even absorption
Dermatologically tested and clinically proven

Vivel Perfect Glow, fortified with the revolutionary Intensive Vitapro Complex, takes Intensive Action at every single layer of the skin* erasing past damage to create more even skin tone while protecting it from future damage**.

1. Intensive VitaPro Complex

  • Corrects dark spots and combats melanin formation at every layer of the skin* for a flawless glow.

2. Anti-Oxidant Action

  • Protects from harmful UV radiation of the solar spectrum.

3. Broad Spectrum UVA, UVB Sun Block

  • Protects from future skin damage** such as sun spots and tanning.

4. Nutritive Moisturisation

  • Infused with essential vitamins to provide soothing moisturisation, giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow.

Essential features of Vivel Perfect Glow :

  • Nourishment at every layer***of the skin
  • Anti-Oxidant action
  • Dermatologically Tested and Clinically proven

Usage of Vivel Perfect Glow Skin Cream :

  • Apply on thoroughly cleansed face twice daily in the morning and evening. Gently massage the cream into the skin in a circular motion, starting from the centre of the face moving outward and from the base of the neck to the top.

Results of Vivel Perfect Glow Skin Tone Perfector :

  • 1 Week : Visibly fairer, even-toned complexion with reduced dark spots.
  • 2 Week : Dramatic reduction in dark spots and improved skin luminosity.

*Refers to stratum corneum **With regular usage ***Action at stratum corneum

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