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Vcare Herbal Hair Dye
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Vcare Herbal Hair Dye
Vcare Herbal Hair Dye - 0% Chemical

Unique & Safe for your hair

Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

The Vcare Herbal Hair Dye Pack contains
1. Vcare Herbal Brown Base - 1 x 30 gms
2. Vcare Herbal Hair Blackener - 1 x 30 gms
3. Instruction Leaflet

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Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

A Complete Herbal Product - Turn Your Grey Hair Black - 0% Chemical

Vcare herbal hair dye is a unique & safe black dye for your hair. It blackens your hair in a safe & unique manner. The richness of the herbs contained in Vcare Herbal Dye is something really unique and this adds a lot of nourishment to your hair. The product is completely free from any chemicals.

The process of hair dyeing involves 2 steps :

1st step: Application of Herbal Brown Base.
2nd Step: Application of Herbal Hair Blackener.
Both the applications can be done one by one on the same day or on two consecutive days.

Unique & Safe for your Hair

1. 100% herbal.
2. Imparts conditioning effect to hair.
3. Protects hair from free radical damage.
4. Enhances natural colour improvement of hair.
5. Strengthens the hair roots.

Ingredients of Vcare Herbal Hair Dye :

Lawsonia inermis, Terminalia chebula, Hibiscus rosasinensis, Acacia arabica, Indigofera tinctoria, Eclipta alba, Rubia cordifolio.

Note of Vcare Herbal Hair Dye :

Regular usage of the product, once in 15 days yields better results. The intensity of the black colour depends on the physical & physiological characteristics of the user.