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UVA Acnovin Syrup
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Vasu Pharma UVA Acnovin Syrup

UVA Acnovin Syrup

Purifies Impurities in Blood

Vasu Pharma Herbals - UVA Acnovin Syrup

Eradicates Pimples, Acne, Scars, Wrinkles, Prevents Overproduction of Oil Glands, Gives Fairer and Glowing Skin.

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Vasu Pharma UVA Acnovin Syrup (Blood Purifier )

For Healthy & Glowing Skin

Smooth, fair and glowing skin is considered essential factor for a beautiful look. Pimples, acne, boils, blemishes are some of the fences which limit beauty. As per Ayurveda, these are caused due to impurities in blood. Major factors leading to impurities in blood are sedentary lifestyle, pollution, stress, improper digestion and nutritional deficiencies. To eradicate problems of Pimples, Acne and Boils from the root, best solution is to purify blood.

Indications for use of Vasu Pharma UVA Acnovin Syrup

  • Pimples
  • Acne
  • Boils

  • Benefits of UVA Acnovin Syrup

    The unique blend of herbs, added in Acnovin active syrup powers the process that purifies blood. It aids in detoxifying blood which results in pimple, acne and boils free skin. Being in syrup form, it suits the requirement of all age groups. Additionally it suits all types of skin.

    Tips for healthy skin

  • Cover your face before going outside to protect your skin from direct sunlight and pollution.
  • Wash your face four to five times a day.
  • Take plenty of water as water keeps Skin hydrated and young looking.
  • Fiber rich food promotes digestion and skin health.
  • Intake of antioxidants is recommended.

  • Acnovin Active Syrup purifies blood and aids in overcoming problems like Pimples, Acne and Boils. It also helps in other skin related disorders.

    Acnovin Blood purifier is a rich herbal formulation which helps purify blood. Being chemical free no harmful side effects have been observed, even on long term use.

    Significance of the Herbs used :

    Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha) :
    According to Ayurvedic Texts, Manjistha is the best herbal blood purifier. It is used in all types of skin disorders and also as a complexion enhancer.

    Hemidesmus indicus (Sariva) :
    It is one of the best blood purifiers and used for treatment of chronic skin disorders.

    Glycyrrhiza glabra(Yashtimadhu) :
    It has antibacterial activity and is also very effective in treating pimples. It helps prevents scars

    Curcuma longa (Haridra) :
    It helps to heal and prevent dry skin, treat acne and blackheads. Improves skin complexion and gives it a natural glow. Controls wrinkles and retards aging process.

    Aloevera (Kumari) :
    It has astringent activity, prevents overproduction of the oil glands and rapidly controls symptoms of acne, redness, swelling and flaky skin.

    Azadirachta indica (Neem) :
    It has antibacterial properties which are effective against bacteria that cause acne. It has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce inflammation of skin.

    Dosage of UVA Acnovin Syrup

  • 2 teaspoonful 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

  • Composition of UVA Acnovin Syrup
    ( Each 10ml contain extracts of) :

  • Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha) 40mg
  • Hemidesmus indicus (Sariva)50mg
  • Cassia fistula (Aragvadha) 80mg
  • Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) 100mg
  • Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) 40mg
  • Aloe vera(Kumari) 100mg
  • Azadirachta indica (Neem) 25mg
  • Curcuma longa (Haridra) 15mg
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu) 30mg
  • Acacia catechu (Khadira) 35mg
  • Terminalia belerica (Bibhitak) 25mg
  • Emblica offcinalis (Amalaki) 25mg
  • Flavoured Syrup Base Q.S
  • Colour: Ponceau 4 Red