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Silver Face Packs With Pure Silver Dust & Lavender Oil
Reduce Anti Wrinkle, Fine Lines, Hyper Pigmentation, Puffiness, Acne.
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Silver Face Pack
Helps in skin lighting and brightening
Vaadi Herbals Silver Face Pack

Vaadi Herbals - Silver Face Pack with Pure Silver dust & Lavender Oil - Stimulates cell growth while preventing tissue degeneration.

Worldwide :
70ml : $16.95 X  nos
140ml (2 x 70ml) : $29.45 X  nos
280ml (4 x 70ml) : $52.45 X  nos

Vaadi Herbals - Silver Face Pack
Controlling sebum/oil production and killing bacteria

Enriched with Pure silver dust & rich anti wrinkle & skin rejuvenating agents like Orange Oil, Mulethi & Lavender Oil. It reduces fine lines & wrinkles & makes your skin look young.

Lavender Oil : It is rich source of anti-oxidants; and stimulates cell growth while preventing tissue degeneration.

Pure Silver Dust : Skin rejuvenating and nourishing, Promotes the healing of burns, rashes and wounds.

Orange Oil : Helps reduce puffiness, fight acne, soothe dry & irritated skin, Reduction of wrinkles, Healthier and Smoother Skin.

Mulethi :  Helps in skin lighting and brightening, as well as fighting hyper-pigmentation without the risk of permanent discoloration.

Manjistha : Beneficial in treatment of pigmentation loss or discoloration of the skin, as well as for reducing freckles

Active Ingredients & Benefits of Silver Face Pack :

  • Pure Silver Dust
  • Orange Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Manjistha
  • Mulethi
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