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Stay-On Power Capsule
Sex Stimulant Power Capsule
Stay-On Power Capsule
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Stay-On Power Capsule - Sexual performance of adults in all age groups. Rectifying temporary/partial/ occasional or permanent erectile dysfunction. Increasing the extent of orgasm.Augmenting libido. Mending premature (early & sudden) ejaculation. Enhancing vitality, vigor and stamina. Stay-On is 100 % natural with no side effects. It is a totally secure tested product.

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Worldwide :
60 Capsules (2 x 30 Capsules) : $39.45  nos
120 Capsules (4 x 30 Capsules) : $74.45  nos
240 Capsules (8 x 30 Capsules) : $134.45  nos
Stay-On Power Oil
Controls pre-mature ejaculation
Stay On Power Oil
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Stay-On Power Oil - More than satisfactory erection.Heightened pleasures during every sexual encounter. Extra tightening of Pubo Coccygeal (PC) muscle gives stronger and powerful erection. Rubbing with Stay-On oil makes penis healthier. Healthier penis increases duration of sexual encounters. Helps maintain erection and controls pre-mature ejaculation. Extra sensation arouses your partner faster and earlier.

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Worldwide :
20ml (2 x 10ml) : $19.95  nos
40ml (4 x 10ml) : $35.95  nos
80ml (8 x 10ml) : $64.95 nos