Smile A1 Herbals - PRIYA'S A1 - Magic Hair Tonic
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Smile A1 Herbals Magic Hair Tonic
Natural Fragrance & Colour
Special Oil for Hairfall, Baldness, Dandruff

Smile A1 Herbals Magic Hair Tonic
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Direction of Use:
Apply sufficient quantity of oil on scalp, massage gently. Use Mild Shampoos(for external use)

On Regular Use:
Promotes hair growth in baldhead controls hair fall & dandruff. Nourishes & Strenthens hair roots.

Prunus amygdalus(Badam), Trigonella Faenum graecum, Pilocarpus jaborandi, Embelica officinalis, Eclipta prostrata, Aloe Vera, Bacopa Munneri, Azadirachta Indica, Coconut Oil.