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Shahnaz Husain Herbal Products

Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program

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Shahnaz Husain Program :
Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program

Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program
Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program

Shahnaz Husain - Neem Skin Care Program contains

* Neem Skin Nourishing Cream - 10g
* Neem Rehydrant Lotion - 30ml
* Neem Sun Protective Base Balm - 10g
* Neem Skin Cleansing Cream - 10g

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Shahnaz Husain
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Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program contains

  • Neem Skin Nourishing Cream - 10g
  • Neem Rehydrant Lotion - 30ml
  • Neem Sun Protective Base Balm - 10g
  • Neem Skin Cleansing Cream - 10g

Can You Imagine A World without Shahnaz Herbals?

Neem Skin Nourishing Cream
A nourishing cream par excellence, containing the ancient, time tested Neem. A powerful rehydrant and protective formula, it is useful in skin problems and provides nutrition to depleted skin. Also useful in controlling acne & freckles.

Directions for use:
Apply on face and massage with outward and slightly upward movements. Wipe off with moist cotton wool.

Neem Patra Kwath, Chironji Beej Kwath, Chakarmard Beej Kwath, Khas Ark, Gajar Beej Kwath, Khajoor Kwath, Mom, Badam Tel, Tankana, Base q.s to make it 100%

Neem Rehydrant Lotion
An effective formula containing Neem extract along with the precious herb combination. Protects the skin from microbial infections. It has powerful antiseptic and germicidal properties. Keeps the skin soft, moist, firm and restores natural tone.

Directions for use:
Apply on face and neck and leave on.

Neem Panchang Kwath, Gulab Pushp Ark, Chandan Ark, Nimbu Patra Kwath, Manjeestha Kwath, Honey, Badam Tel, Base q.s to make it 100%

Neem Sun Protective Base Balm
This unique preparation contains extracts of herbs like Neem, tulsi and other precious herbs that protect the skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. Acts as an effective sunscreen protecting the skin from sun burn, hyper pigmentation, scabies and other skin disorders caused by microbial infections.

Directions for use:
Apply evenly on face, hands, neck and any other expose part of the body. Recommended for use during outdoor activity.

Neem Patra Kwath, Anjeer Kwath, Tulsi Patra Kwath, Ajwain Kwath, Chakramard Beej Kwath, Yashad Bhasm, Shahad, Badam Tel, Base q.s to make it 100%

Neem Skin Cleansing Cream
A useful skin cleansing preparation containing Neem with powerful medicinal properties. Apart from its natural cleansing action, it is useful in skin diseases like dermatitis, scabies and skin eruptions caused by microbial infections. regular use keeps the skin free from problems.

Direction for use:
Apply on face, neck and hands. Massage gently with circular movement. Remove with moist cotton wool.

Neem Patra Kwath, Chakramard Beej Kwath, Chironji Kwath, Nimbu Patra Kwath, Manjeeth Kwath, Base q.s to make it 100%

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