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Diamond Soap
Ideal age-control cleanser
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Shahnaz Diamond Soap

Shahnaz Diamond Soap

Time Defying Age-Control Formula

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap

Removing dead skin cells and refining skin texture

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Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap

Ayurvedic Medicine (for external use only)

An exclusive formula, containing diamond and precious plant extracts, which help to refresh and revitalize the skin. It has a dermabrasive action, removing dead skin cells and refining skin texture, thus discouraging visible ageing signs over a period of time.

It also helps to counteract the effects of pollution, leaving the skin pure, clean and bright.

An ideal age-control cleanser for all skin types.

Indications for use of Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap

A luxurious blend of natural extracts that leave the skin naturally clean, fresh and fragrant. Removes impurities and helps to replace oils, moisturizing the skin and protecting its soft, natural beauty. Regular use makes the body free from skin problems like Ringworm, Scabies and Dermatitis.

Ingredients of Shahnaz Diamond Soap

Heera Bhasm(Ash of Diamond) 0.010%
Nariyal Tel(Oil of Cocus nucifers) 22.0%
Arandi Tel(Oil of Ricinus communis) 5.0%
Yashad Bhasm(Ash of Zincum) 0.50%
Kheera Beej Ext.(Cucumis sativus) 1.0%
Arishtak Ext.(Sapindus trifoliatus) 2.0%
Gulab Ark(Rosa centifolia) 3.0%
Nimbu Patra Ext.(Citrus Limonum) 1.0%
Oat Meal (Avena sativa) 2.0%
Madhu (Honey) 1.3%
Haldi Ext.(Curcuma longa) 1.0%
Kesar Ext.(Crocus sativus) 0.50%
Base q.s to make it 100%