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Schwabe Homeopathy Luffakind - Allgeric Rhinitis in Children


Allgeric Rhinitis in Children

Schwabe Homeopathy Luffakind

Pollinosis and Prevention & Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

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Schwabe Homeopathy Luffakind

Allgeric Rhinitis in Children
Effectively controls allergic manifestations like pollinosis & allergic rhinitis in Children

  • Stimulates body defence system
  • Lowers hypersecretion from nasal mucosa, controls allergic rhinitis
  • Controls sneezing
  • Normalises dryness of nasal mucosa preventing congestion
  • Relieves associated headache and dullness
  • Indications for use of Schwabe Homoeopathy Luffakind

  • Allergic rhinitis, Pollinosis, Running nose.
  • Dosage of Schwabe Homoeopathy Luffakind

  • In acute stage 50 globules can be dissolved in half a glass of water and taken in small sips or 5-10 globules allowed to dissolve underneath the tongue every half an hour. It is preferable to take the medicine on empty stomach or half an hour before taking any food