Schwabe Homeopathy - IX Tablets - Ginkgo Biloba
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Schwabe Homeopathy Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Blood Circulation in Brain

Schwabe Homeopathy - Ginkgo Biloba

Helps in age related forgetfulness

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Schwabe Homeopathy Ginkgo Biloba

For insufficient cerebral circulation
Blood Circulation in Brain

  • Improves cerebral circulation and peripheral vascular problems.
  • Helps in Age Related Forgetfulness
  • Useful in weakness of memory, difficulty in thinking, trembling, insomnia, heaviness in frontal region, vertigo, buzzing sensation
  • Inhibits Prolye endopeptidase (PEP), plays an important role in learning and memory process, depression and senile dementia
  • Useful in Alzheimer's patients
  • Inhibits platelet activation factor (PAF), thereby reduces the chances of blood clotting leading to various inflammations and allergic changes
  • Indications for use Schwabe Homeopathy Ginkgo Biloba

  • Cerebral circulation.
  • Dosage of Schwabe Homoeopathy Ginkgo Biloba

  • 1-2 tablets thrice daily. In acute conditions two tablets every hour for a day.