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Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops
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Schwabe Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

Schwabe Homeopathy

Eye Drops used in chronic conjunctivitis

Schwabe Homeopathy

Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

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Cineraria Homeopathic Eye Drops for Clear Crystalline Lens:

Traditional Homeopathic Medicine for Cataract. Cineraria is the principle ingredient in cineraria maritima eye drops. Cineraria is the traditional homeopathic remedy most often recommended as eye drops for cataracts due to its capacity to clear and dissolve obstructing fibrils in the lens, and is GLUTEN free. It is thought to be the most valuable remedy for cataracts by healing the lens. Additional natural homeopathic ingredients are added to the formulation to support the healing process.

Cataracts are a condition which develops as the body, with age, has a harder time providing oxygen, nutrition, detoxification and antioxidants to the cells of the eye's lens. There are no blood vessels in the lens, so the body's task to provide these nutrients and defenders is a challenge. Contrary to past common practice of eye doctors to wait until the lens "ripens" and replace the clouded lens with an artificial lens, doctors now often recommend natural treatments supporting the capacity to maintain or even clear the crystalline lens.

Usefulness and indication of CMS D2

All purpose Eye Drops
Mild injury to the eyes
Irritation of eyes due to dust pollution etc.
Eye strain due to prolonged use of computers
Mild conjunctivitis and inflammation of eyelids

Dosage and direction for use: 2 drops 3 times daily into the eye or as per the physicians’ evaluation of the case.