Schwabe Homeopathy - Alpha SH
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Schwabe Homeopathy Alpha SH for Sinus Headache

Alpha SH

For Sinus Headache

Schwabe Homeopathy - Alpha SH

For Sinus Headache and Sinusitis

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Schwabe Homeopathy Alpha SH

Sinus Headache
For Sinus Headache and Sinusitis

  • Opens & drains the sinuses
  • Relieves dull frontal headache over the eyes
  • Controls the infection and septic process
  • Hastens recovery and prevents recurrences
  • Indications for use of Schwabe Homeopathy Alpha-SH :

  • Sinus headache, Sneezing from sinus problems.
  • Dosage of Schwabe Homoeopathy Alpha-SH:

    1-2 tablets every hour in acute condition. As the symptoms subside, 1-2 tablets every 3 hours