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Jaborandi Hair Oil, Ferrumsip Syrup

Jaborandi Hair Oil
Prevents Baldness, Hairfall, Dandruff

SBL's Jaborandi Hair Oil

SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil - The special oil has been formulated in a non-greasy base oil so you will have a non oily feeling. The oil is prepared with the time tested ingredient Jaborandi, which has beneficial effects on the hair like falling of hair, hair breakage, and premature graying. Treats dandruff and falling hair.

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200ml : $14.95 x nos
400ml (2 x 200ml) : $25.45 x nos
800ml (4 x 200ml) : $43.45 x nos
Ferrumsip Syrup
Treat Anaemia

SBL Ferrumsip Syrup

SBL Homeopathy Ferrumsip Syrup - Improves the nutrient absorption process by directly enhancing the nutrient binding capacity of the cells, thereby relieving the signs and symptoms of Anaemia.

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180ml (1 Bottle) : $16.95 X nos
2 Bottles (2 x 180ml) : $28.45 X nos
4 Bottles (4 x 180ml) : $35.95 X nos