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Stomatab Capsules
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Stomatab Capsules

Stomatab Capsules

Astringent & coolant

Sagar Pharma

Stomatab Capsules

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Features of Sagar Pharma Stomatab Capsules

Astringent & coolant
Wound healing

Each tablet contains

Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Quantity
Purified Gairika Red Ochre 400mg
Treated with juice of
Jatipushpa Jasminum grandiflorum leaf
Bakula Mimusops elengi leaf
Decoction of Ashwantha Ficus religiosa bark

Presentation:Blister pack of 12 X 10s
Indications:Stomatitis, Glossitis, Gingivitis, Aphthous ulcers, in Radiational Mucositosis.
Dosage :1 capsule 3 times daily for 3 - 7 days or as directed by physician.