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Anuloma Churna
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Anuloma Churna

Anuloma Churna

Safe during pregnancy

Sagar Pharma

Anuloma Churna

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Features of Sagar Pharma Anuloma Churna

A rational combination of senna, yashtimadhu & powerful carminatives
Brings about strain free evacuation even among the chronic sufferers due to high fiber content in senna powder
Each 1.5 gm powder contains

Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Quantity
Ajamoda Ptychotis ajowan seeds 60 mg
Jeeraka Cuminum Cyminum Seeds 80 gm
Baiharda Black terminalia chebula seeds 80 mg
Yasthtimadhu Glycyrriza glabra roots 80 mg
Shnthi Zingiber officinafe 80 mg
Saindhav Salt Natural potasium nitricum 100 mg
Sonamukhi Cassia lanceolata leaf 1 gm

Presentation:50g Pet container
Indications:In constipation associated with - Piles, Old Age, After Operation, Pregnancy, Psychiatry, Heart Disease.
Directions for use:½ to 1 teaspoonful at bed time (0.75gm to 1.5gm).