Rushiya Herbals Silver Grass Face Packs
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Aromatherapy Anti Pigmentation
Face Pack

Aromatherapy Anti Pigmentation Face Pack - Silver Grass

75 g

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Silver Grass - Aroma Therapy Anti Pigmentation Face Pack
Nature's Formula 100% Herbal. Quality product from Rushiya

Face Pack:
Cleanse, Stimulate & Nourish the skin and also increase the circulation. The consistency of a face pack needs to be just thick enough to prevent it from dripping off the face. A pack must be applied for at least 20-30 minutes to be effective.

It is advisable to lie down and relax while the pack is on your face. Avoid using soap for a short time after removing so that effect of the ingredients of the face pack is maximum.

Just mix with milk or Rose water and apply

Anti Pigmentation Face Pack:
Anti Pigmentation facial pack is useful to decrease pits and scars which are the result of pimples or small pox. The herbs used in this powder is a natural fragrant cooling and also be used to good effect.


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