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Garlic Pearls
Natural Way to Healthy Heart & Digestion
Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine
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Garlic Pearls
Natural way to healthy heart & digestion
Ranbaxy Revital Garlic Pearls
100 Capsules/Bottle

Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls Capsules


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Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls
Natural Way to Healthy Heart & Digestion

Ranbaxy’s Garlic Pearls capture the benefits of garlic oil in an odourless and easy-to-take form. It is traditionally used as food supplement suitable for the whole family.

  • Relieves Gas
  • Improves Digestion
  • Manages Cholesterol
  • Improves Overall Health

Ranbaxy's Garlic Pearls preserve the goodness of garlic and offers its health benefits
1. Relief from gas and indigestion:
Due to its carminative action, garlic helps in expelling gas. Garlic also helps correct faulty digestion which leads to excessive gas. Garlic pearls increases gastric juice secretion, thereby aiding proper digestion of food.

2. Promotes Heart Health:
Regular supplementation with 2 Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls 3 times a day helps take care of your heart's health. They maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood vessels that may otherwise cause narrowing of blood vessels.

3. For General Health & Immunity
Ttake 2 capsules of Garlic Pearls daily after meals with a glass of water.

Do Garlic Pearls interact with other drugs?
Garlic pearls is safe to consume daily. If you are consuming blood thinning drugs like warfarin or anti-coagulants like Aspirin and Ticlopidine then consult your physician.

The natural way to a healthy heart & digestion
Since time immemorial, garlic's health benefits and medicinal properties have been known and used the world over. Garlic has a wide range of well documented effects including helping to relieve gas, regulate digestion, cardiovascular benefits of lowering cholesterol & triglycerides, regulating blood pressure and boosting the body's immnunity.

Ranbaxy's Garlic Pearls is the natural oil of garlic in a convenient capsule form. Being in soft capsule form, it is easy to swallow and

  • It does not have a harsh taste
  • It does not leave bad odour in breath
  • It is convenient to carry around since it is in bottle

How Ranbaxy's Garlic Pearls help?
All the beneficial effects of garlic are attributed to its sulphur containing compounds: allicin, diallyl disulfide & other sulphides. Allicin is the most powerful component of garlic and provides great health benefits. Allicin is produced when garlic is finely crushed. Significant properties of garlic are lost if garlic is consumed in cooked or raw form. In fact, to derive the medicinal benefits of garlic, it has to be crushed and preserved. When raw garlic is gulped without crushing, you may not get the required benefits of garlic. It is also difficult to crush and consume garlic because of its pungent smell. In addition, cooking & microwaving appears to speed up this degradation and eliminates any health benefits.

The Garlic sulphides break down in the body within a few hours, therfore for maximum health benefit, it is best to have "a little, often" as opposed to one large daily dose.

Benefits & Features
- Contain garlic oil that has nutritional benefit of raw garlic but without the odour of garlic.
- Easy-to-swallow soft gelatine capsule from bovine source

How Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls works?
Modern science has discovered that it is the ingredients of garlic oil are responsible for the traditionally accepted health benefits attributed to raw garlic. Garlic contains sulphur compounds which are responsible for many of the beneficial actions of garlic.

2 Garlic Pearls 3 times a day after meal.

Composition of Garlic Pearls Capsules :
Each Soft Gelatin Capsule contains:
Garlic Oil - 0.25% w/w
Excipients q.s to - 250mg

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