Protinex High Protein Supplement Diabetes


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Protinex Diabetic Protein Supplement Diabetes
Protinex High Protein Supplement Diabetes
     1 Tin (200gms) Within India $ 10.95 X nos
2 Tins of 200gms each (400gms) Within India : $ 17.95 X nos
    1 Tin (200gms) Worldwide : $ 20.45 X nos
  2 Tins of 200gms each (400gms) Worldwide : $ 28.95 X nos
Protinex Diabetes is a scientifically advanced protein supplement, for good health in Diabetes. 

Due to dietary restrictions, Diabetes places special nutritional demands on the body. And it is critical that right nutrition be taken to satisfy these demands.

Protinex Diabetes is engineered to meet these needs. In addition to providing the right nutrition, it helps in regulating blood glucose level.

  • It has the best quality protein from 3 sources :

  • Soy protein
    Milk Protein
    Whey protein
  • High fibre from multiple sources:

  • Soluble fibre
    Insoluble fibre
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • 25 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 
  • No saturated fat 
  • Low sodium
  • No added Sugar 
  • A delicious vanilla taste. 
  • Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Approximate Composition Unit Per 100g powder Per serving 30g powder
Energy kcal 316 79
Protein g 30.0 7.5
Carbohydrates g 45.5 11.4
Fat g 1.5 0.4
Dietary fiber g 15.0 3.8
 - Soluble Fiber g 12.5 3.2
 - Insoluble Fiber g 2.5 0.6
13 Essential Minerals
Calcium mg 1100 275
Iron  mg 18 4.5
Zinc mg 4.0 1.0
Iodine mcg 150 38
Phosphorous mg 675 169
Magnesium mg 155 39
Selenium mcg 30 7.5
Chromium mcg 24 6.0
Molybdenum mcg 40 10
Sodium mg 400 100
Potassium mg 850 213
Chloride mg 400 100
Copper mcg 450 113
12 Essential Vitamins
Vitamin A IU 3500 875
Vitamin B1 mg 2.2 0.6
Vitamin B2 mg 22 0.6
Niacin mg 14 3.5
Vitamin B6 mg 1.5 0.4
Vitamin B12 mcg 1.9 0.5
Folic Acid mcg 600 150
Biotin mcg 60 15
Vitamin C mg 112 28
Pantothenic Acid mg 5.0 1.3
Vitamin D IU 300 75
Vitamin E IU 30 7.5


Superior quality protein from soy, milk & whey.

Protein is the basic building block of our bodies. A controlled diet leads to a shortfall in protein intake. This protein gap leads to many problems such as weakening of body cells & organs resulting in feeling of frequent fatigue. Since protein is not stored in our body, and needs to be consumed every day, these problems progressively worsen over time. 

It is therefore very important to consume the right amount of protein daily. 

Protinex Diabetes provides the right amount of protein, from the best sources.

  • Soy protein is a very high quality complete protein, with all essential amino acids, recommended during Diabetes. It aids in lowering body cholesterol, protects the heart, the bones, and protects against many cancers. 
  • Whey protein is the most superior part of protein found in milk. It is complete protein with all essential amino acids and is easily digestible. 

Soy fibre, Wheat Bran, Gum Acacia, Edible Guar Gum

Fibre can be categorized into :

  • Soluble fibre
  • Insoluble fibre

Soluble Fibre helps to maintain a steady blood glucose level, by slowing down the rate of digestion, and thereby the rate at which sugar is released into the blood.

  • Soy fibre - helps increase insulin sensitivity, improves glucose tolerance, reduces cholesterol and helps digestion. 
  • Edible Guar Gum - helps improve glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and decrease cholesterol 
  • Gum Acacia fibre helps improve stomach health and digestion 
  • Insoluble fibre has mechanical benefits, in preventing constipation 
  • Wheat Bran helps digestion and bowel movement, promotes a feeling of fullness. 


Tapioca, Corn

Carbohydrates are needed for daily energy requirements. Complex carbohydrates are carbohydrates that break down slowly (unlike simple carbohydrates, that breakdown immediately and release sugar into the blood stream). Therefore glucose is released into the blood slowly. This helps maintain a steady, normal blood glucose level, preventing frequent spikes and drops. 

Tapioca and corn are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates. 


Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium 

Diabetics are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Antioxidants help in protecting the organs and tissues from damage that could lead to heart attack, stroke and cancer. 


13 essential minerals 

The body requires minerals in the right amounts to assist in carrying out its functions effectively. 

Chromium and Magnesium are needed for the absorption of glucose and other functions dependent on insulin 

Diabetics are also at increased risk of developing high blood pressure 

  • Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium lower blood pressure
  • Protinex Diabetes has a very low sodium content

12 essential Vitamins

Vitamins are needed in the right quantities to keep your body in good health. 


1.5% unsaturated fat content. 

Saturated fat should be avoided as much as possible during Diabetes, as it increases the blood cholesterol levels. 

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