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Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules with Polyphenols
Power of Green Tea Now in a Capsule
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Parry's GreenT6
100% Natural Green Tea Extract
Nature's formula for youthfulness
Parry's Green T6

Parry's GreenT6 - Each Capsule contains polyphenols equivalent to the goodness of 6 cups of green tea.

30 Capsules (1 Bottle) : $13.95 x nos
60 Capsules (2 x 30 Capsules) : $23.45 x nos
120 Capsules (4 x 30 Capsules) : $40.45 x nos
240 Capsules (8 x 30 Capsules) : $73.45 x nos

Parry's Active Care - GreenT6 - Natural Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules with Polyphenols
100% Natural Green Tea Extract
Dietary Supplement

Health Benefits of Parry's Green T6 :

  • Fights Ageing
  • Helps Control Cholesterol
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Helps Control Blood Pressure
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Helps Control Blood Sugar

Green tea has been consumed globally for over 4,000 years for its promising health and medicinal properties.

Green tea contains health promoting polyphenols & catechins mainly Epigallocatechin 3-gallate (ECG), a powerful anti-oxidant, which has been strongly backed by extensive scientific research.

Each capsule of 500mg Parry's GreenT6 provides total Polyphenols equivalent to drinking approximately five to six cups of green tea, considered essential to elicit the desired theraupeutic benefits. The anti-oxidants are scientifically proven to be excellent scavengers of the radicals which aid in slowing down the stress related ageing within your body, when consumed regularly.

Parry's GreenT6 is sourced from the plant, Camellia sinensis, grown in the best of green tea plantations in india.

Directions for use of Parry's Greent6:
Take 1 capsule a day, after meals

Composition of Parry's GreenT6 Capsules: 
Each Serving One Capsule contains

Nutritional Information

Green Tea Extract (90% Polyphenol, 40% ECG)
- 500mg

- 0.4 kcal

- 0.03g

- 0.07g

- 0.00g

Green Tea Extract, Aerosil, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin - Bovine Origin (Capsule Shell)

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