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Dermicool Skin Defense Talc
Protection, Oil Control, Nourishment, Freshness

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Dermicool Skin Defense Talc

Freshness & Nourishment Talc
Dermicool Skin Defense -  Freshness & Nourishment Talc

Oil Control & Protection Talc

Dermiccol Skin Defense - Oil Control & Protection Talc

Dermicool Skin Defense Talc
- Oil Control, Nourishment, Protection, Freshness Talc

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Dermicool Skin Defense Talc - Oil Control, Nourishment, Protection, Freshness Talc

Your skin is your defense against the extremities of the environment. But skin itself can fall prey to these extremities. As the name suggests, DermiCool Skin Defense Talc is your defense against bacteria, body odor and heat. It is a ‘refreshing’ change from ordinary talcs that promise just fragrance or freshness.

It is a range of body talcs, enriched with natural ingredients like Khus, Aloe Vera, Mandarin oil and Tea Tree Oil. The natural goodness of each variant of Skin Defense Talc works in a unique way to keep you fresh, active and ‘Surakshit Hamesha'.

DermiCool Skin Defense Talc defends your skin against the environmental heat. It absorbs sweat and helps in reducing body heat to keep it cool, and refreshes your senses throughout the day. 

For the first time in India, here comes a range of body talcs that is enriched with natural ingredients like Khus, Aloe Vera, Mandarin oil and tea tree oil. The natural goodness of each Skin Defense talc works in its own special way to keep you fresh, active and ‘Surakshit Hamesha.

Skin Defense Protection Talc :

Reinforced with the exceptional anti-bacterial properties of  Tea tree oil, new  DermiCool Skin Defense Protection Talc  defends you against bacteria that causes body odor helping you stay fresh all day

Skin Defense Freshness Talc :

The all-new Dermicool Skin Defense Freshness Talc  has the amazing cooling properties of Khus and offers a great escape from unbearable heat and humidity. It even soothes burning and itching caused due to sweat and leaves you feeling cool and relaxed.

Skin Defense Oil Control Talc :

New  DermiCool Skin Defense Oil Control Talc  is enriched with the goodness of Mandarin Oil.  Its natural antiseptic and rejuvenating properties soak up excess oil, fight bacteria and keep you smelling great throughout the day.

Skin Defense Nourishment Talc :

New   DermiCool Skin Defense Nourishment Talc  is enriched with Aloe Vera,  an incredible skin care ingredient that soothes and protects from dry heat and retains the natural moisture of your skin to keep it delightfully fresh and healthy. 


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