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Set Wet Restyling Hair Gels
Spikes & Straights, Wet & Wavy

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Set Wet Restyling Hair Gels

Wet & Wavy, Spikes & Straights

Set Wet Restyling Hair Gels - Wet & Wavy, Spikes & Straights.

Set Wet Restyling Wet & Wavy Hair Gels

Wet & Wavy 200ml (4 x 50ml) : $20.95 X nos
Wet & Wavy 400ml (8 x 50ml) : $35.45 X nos
Spikes & Straights 200ml (4 x 50ml) : $20.95 X nos
Spikes & Straights 400ml (8 x 50ml) : $35.45 X nos

Set Wet Restyling Hair Gels

The inner fires of women, the smouldering volcanoes, they all come alive when you – the Set Wet man – arrive on the scene. Be it a party or an office, your style will now be the centre of attraction with the all-new stylish range of Set Wet men’s products.

So, welcome to the elite club of style and elegance and enjoy your role as the man who is always in the spotlight when it comes to women. Welcome to the good life.

Set Wet Restyling Spikes & Straights Hair Gel :

Tired of the way your hair doesn’t respond the way you want it to? Use Set Wet’s new Spikes & Straights Hair Gel to keep it in style. To change the way you look simply apply water and re-shape your hair to suit your mood. It’ll keep the ladies guessing what’s going on in there.

Let your moods rule your hairstyle with the, new Spikes & Straights Restyling Hair Gel from Set Wet. Apply once and let your hair come alive in style. To result just use a little water and see women go crazy over your sharply changing hairstyle.

Set Wet Restyling Wet & Wavy Hair Gel :

Never lose that ‘spanking clean’ look with Wet & Wavy, the new hair gel from Set Wet. Apply to wet hair and style any way you choose. You’ll see your hair responding in ways you never thought, and the ladies, in ways you never imagined.

Direction for use:

  • Apply get generously to towel-dried hair
  • Style as desired
  • To restyle, apply a little water on hair and style again.
  • ideal for all hair types.


For external use only. store in a cool place, away from sunlight. Keep out of reach children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

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