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Set Wet Gold Deodorants
Samba, Jazz, Disco, Rock

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Set Wet Gold Deodorants

Samba, Jazz, Rock, Disco - Gold Deodorants

Set Wet Gold Deodorants - Samba, Jazz, Rock, Disco

Set Wet Gold Deodorants

Disco 200ml : $15.45 X nos
Disco 400ml (2 x 200ml) : $24.95 X nos
Disco 800ml (4 x 200ml) : $42.95 X nos
Rock 200ml : $15.45 X nos
Rock 400ml (2 x 200ml) : $24.95 X nos
Rock 800ml (4 x 200ml) : $42.95 X nos
Jazz 200ml : $15.45 X nos
Jazz 400ml (2 x 200ml) : $24.95 X nos
Jazz 800ml (4 x 200ml) : $42.95 X nos
Samba 200ml : $15.45 X nos
Samba 400ml (2 x 200ml) : $24.95 X nos
Samba 800ml (4 x 200ml) : $42.95 X nos

Set Wet Gold Deodorants - Make Them Move

The inner fires of women, the smouldering volcanoes, they all come alive when you – the Set Wet man – arrive on the scene. Be it a party or an office, your style will now be the centre of attraction with the all-new stylish range of Set Wet men’s products.

So, welcome to the elite club of style and elegance and enjoy your role as the man who is always in the spotlight when it comes to women. Welcome to the good life.

Get the skills of the virtuoso who makes women move to his tunes. Captivating, enchanting, breathtaking – words fall short to describe the aura of the man who uses the all-new range of Set Wet Gold deodorants.

Set Wet Gold Disco Deodorant :

Play the Pied Piper who makes women dance to his tunes with the charisma of the new Set Wet Gold Disco Deodorant. Make them do the most exciting moves as you chill out before the heat sets on.

Set Wet Gold Rock Deodorant :

Arouse the most primal passions in the ladies around you with the spine-tingling fragrance of the new Set Wet Gold Rock Deodorant. Become the superstar of their dreams as you cut through their fantasies with every breath.

Set Wet Gold Jazz Deodorant :

Do nothing and yet turn the world on its head with the flamboyant whiff of the new Set Wet Gold Jazz Deodorant. See women move to unheard of notes as their basic instincts take control of their senses as you pass by, shattering their hearts.

Set Wet Gold Samba Deodorant :

Relish the sight of modern women going back into the past as they smell the passionate fervour of the new Set Wet Gold Samba Deodorant. Revel in the glory of being the man who transforms gentle ladies into warriors of the Amazon out to get their share of you.


For external use only. store in a cool place, away from sunlight. Keep out of reach children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

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