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Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme

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Recova 360 - Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme
Plant Stem Cell Technology
Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme

Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme -
Fairness Cream

Up to 5 years younger in just 30 Days

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Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme

Introducing, for the first time ever, new Recova 360 - the next generation Anti-Ageing Technology, offering 360 skincare benefits - Age Defying + Fairness.

Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme has cutting edge Plant Stem Cell Technology in combination with other powerful ingredients such as Vitamin B3 & E and moisturising complex (containing Shea Butter, Aloe vera and Olive Oil)

Let your skin experience Recova 360 results

  • Makes you look up to 5 years younger in just 30 days.
  • Visibly lightens and brightens skin tone(makes you fairer) by 25%
  • Reduces depth of wrinkles and fine lines upto 50%
  • Provides 2x moisturization to your skin
  • Improves skin smoothness by 30%
  • Protects and repairs against oxidative stress
With each day's application witness your skin becoming younger, firmer and radiant.

Visible Results

  • 80% of volunteers felt improvement in glow and fairness in just 15 days of usage
  • 80% of volunteers felt improvement in softness and smoothness of face and felt a visible decrease in wrinkles
  • More than 85% of volunteers felt their skin was firmer and tigher within 30 days of usage.

Direction for use of Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme:

  • Every night, before going to bed, clean your face and neck.
  • Apply Recova 360 Age Defying + Fairness Night Creme on your face and neck by gently massaging it with your fingertips using outward circular movements.

Revolutionary Plant Stem Cell Technology

Plant Stem Cell Technology (PSCT) is a breakthrough used in human stem cell regeneration. It is the most advanced scientific innovation that reverses the signs of skin ageing through the power of cell regeneration.

Recova 360 has PSCT which contains Plant Stem Cell extracts from Uttwiler Spatlauber, a rare Swiss Apple known for its ability to stay fresh, long after it is fully grown. These Plant Stem Cells are rich in similar epigenetic factors and metabolites as skin stem cells, thereby assuring the longevity of skin cells.

PSCT contains extracts from Uttwiler Spatlauber
PSCT acts at cellular level, enhancing the skin's natural repair system
Thereby accelerates cell renewal process
Helps your skin regain and maintain its youthfulness & Vitality

How does Plant Stem Cell Technology work?
Human stem cells are mother cells present in the epidermal layer of your skin. They divide, multiply and differentiate into new cells that help in the maintanence and renewal of your skin. With age, skin stem cell numbers reduce from 7% to 2% resulting in reduced skin renewal, leading to common signs of ageing. The epigenetic factors from Plant Stem Cells help maintain and preserve vitality of skin stem cells, thereby boosting skin rejuvenation.

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