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Moov (Neck and Shoulder)

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The Pain Specialist (Neck and Shoulder)

Moov - The Pain Specialist (Neck and Shoulder)

- The Pain Specialist (Neck and Shoulder)

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Moov - The Pain Specialist (Neck and Shoulder)

Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Muscular pain, Sprains and strains.

Directions For Use:

Apply 3-4 times daily, Gently rub on the affected area. Moov neck ans Shoulder gets absorbed quickly.

Simple ways to reduce neck and shoulder pain:

* Take a small break when working long hours on the computer.

* Always maintain an upright posture while sitting on a chair.

* Do a gentle exerise for neck like moving the neck left and right slowly while keeping your Shoulders relaxed.

* Avoid jerks while driving vechicle on the road.

* Use pillow while sleeping to support your neck and back of shoulder.

Neck and shoulder pain can occur due to spending long hours on the computer and driving a two wheeler wearing helmet . Other reasons can be muscle strain, forzen shoulder, over exertion and wrong posture at work or home.

The New moov neck and shoulder is fortified with the power of 'Oil of Wintergreen', which acts as topical pain reliever and provides fast relief from muscle cramps.

The New Moov Neck and Shoulder with it's unique 'Anti-inflammatory system' acts fast to reduce swelling and inflammation and thus relieves pain.

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