Pankajakasthuri Herbals
Uro Herb Capsules
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Pankajakasthuri Uro Herb Capsules

Uro Herb Capsules

for urinary disorders, removes kidney & bladder stone

Pankajakasthuri Herbals

Uro Herb Capsules

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Pankaja Kasthuri Herbals Uro Herb Capsules

UROHERB is a remedy for urinary disorders and removes kidney and bladder stone. Ideal for treating diseases like burning micturation, cystitis, habitual and urinary tract infections etc.

Indications for use of Pankaja Kasthuri Uro Herb Capsules :

Corrects crystalloid-colloid imbalance
Reduces substances like oxalic acid, calcium hydroxyproline.
Anti microbial, anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory
It controls Kidney and bladder calculi
Postoperative recurrence of calculi
Urinary tract infections
Non – specific Urethritis
Chronic cystitis
Honeymoon Cystitis
Inhibits calculogenesis
Expels stones by Micro-Pulverizations
Relieves painful, burning micturition.

Main Ingredients of Pankajakasthuri Uro Herb Capsules :

Tribulus terrestris
Saxifraga ligulata
Strychnos potatorum
Piper longum
Boerhavia diffusa
Asperagus racemosus

Dosage of Pankaja Kasthuri Uro Herb Capsules :

1 capsules 2 times daily with tender coconut water for 2-3 months according to the severity of the disease, or as directed by the physician.