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Parambi Oil
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Panam’s Parambi Oil
Panam's Parambi Oil

Panam’s Parambi Oil -Useful as Anti-dandruff, hair conditioner and prevents hair fall.

100ml $ 14.45 x nos
200ml (2x100ml) $ 17.45 x nos
400ml(4x100ml) $ 27.95 x nos


Panam’s Parambi Oil

Indications for use of Panam's Parambi Oil :
Useful as Anti-dandruff, hair conditioner and prevents hair fall.

Method for use
of Panam's Parambi Oil : 
Warm the oil and apply on scalp at night and massage gently. Wash hair in the morning using Panam’s Herbal Shampoo with conditioner.

Ingredients of Panam's Parambi Oil :

Ficus Bengalensis – Wat ---- cooling effect, astringent, strengthens hair 

Important properties of Panam's Parambi Oil:

Vad Parambi (Ficus Bengalensis) :
Hair tonic, astringent, stimulate cooling, Arial roots are nutritious to hair. 
Lawsonia Inermis – Madayantika – Mendi ( Heena )  --- Promote healthy growth of hair  

Mehendi (Lawsonia Inermis) :
Scalp tonic and cooling agent. Turns gray hair black and cures Alopecia. Excellent penetration into the hair root. Excellent preparation for anointing the head to render the hair black and tuxuriants. Sedative, astringents, detergent & deodorant. 
Emblica Officinalis – Amalki 

Amla (Emblica officinalis) :
Vital nutrient. It strengthens the hair root and promotes the growth of hair, Astringent, nourishing and cooling properties. 
Bacopa Mannieri – Saraswati – Brahmi
Brahmi is bitter and astringent in taste , sweet in the post digestive effect and has cold potency . It has a special potency to alleviate epilepsy and hysteria . It alleviates vata and pitta dosas. The chief properties of a brahmi are rejuvenative, imparts longevity, memory and intelligence. It possesses light and laxative attributes. (Bhavaprakasa Nighantu) 
Prunus Amygdalus – Vatam ( Vatad ) – Badam

Badam Tel (Prunus Amygdalus): 
Stimulant, nutritive and nervive tonic. Demulcent, an emollient. It builds strong and healthy constitution.