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Fruit Facial Kit
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Fruit Facial Kit
removes the top dead layer of the skin
Oxy Glow Fruit Facial Kit

Oxy Glow - Fruit Facial Kit

Worldwide :
165g (1 x 165g) : $29.95 X nos

330g (2 x 165g) : $55.45 X nos

660g (4 x 165g) : $102.95 X nos

Oxy Glow Kesar Fairness Glow Facial Kit

Pamper yourself with this fruitllicious Fruit Facial. A perfect combination of fruits and herbs, this facial thoroughly cleanse your face and removes the top dead layers of the skin resulting into having a beautiful and glowing skin.

Oxy Glow Fruit Facial Kit Contents :

Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser, Bearberry Fruit Facial Scrub, Fruit Enzyme with Vitamin E Massage Cream, Fruit Enzyme Mask, Face Cream with Fruit Extracts, Smooth Shine Skin Serum.

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