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Herbal Hair Removal Cream
removes unwanted hair
Oxy Glow Herbal Hair Removal Cream

Oxy Glow - Herbal Hair Removal Cream -Only of its kind, it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties which cleanse the skin and improves its appearance. It also removes suntan and imparts whitening to the skin.

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Worldwide :
80g (1 x 80g) : $11.45 X nos
160g (2 x 80g) : $17.95 X nos
320g (4 x 80g) : $30.45 X nos

Mani Pedi Kit
prevent infection & other skin problems
Oxy Glow Mani Pedi Kit

Oxy Glow - Mani Pedi Kit- Undergoing manicure and pedicure is more tahn just a special treat. It's matter of grooming and keeping your hands and feet in good health. Regular manicures and pedicures help prevent infection and other skin problems. This process prevents your feet and hands from skin disorders.

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Worldwide :
1 Kit : $28.95 X nos
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