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Wheat Grass
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Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass

Energy & Immunity Boost

Organic India

Moringa Powder

Worldwide : 100 g/ Bottle

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Energy & Immunity Boost

  • World’s first multivitamin / Super food.
  • Is capable of promoting health, preventing and healing a number of ailments.
  • The world is looking forwards to wheat Grass powder for an answer to limitations of synthetic multi vitamins, multiminerals, as well as a supplement to
  • solve numerous health problems.
  • It is made by safely dehydrating very tender shoots of wheat.
What are by safely it contains?

It contains Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Folic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron Chlorophyll. All these nutrients are available in their natural forms and naturally acceptable to the body.

What are the health benefits of Wheat Grass Powder?

  • Anti-ageing, helps keep young.
  • Detoxificant, keep the intestine healthy.
  • Supports immunity, helps keep infections away
  • Helps improve energy level
  • Supports treatment of cancer.
  • Improves health of blood cells and Hemoglobin level
  • Protects against harmful effects of radiation
  • Helps regenerate healthy cells in the body
  • Improves oral health and strengthens gums
  • Removes bad odour of body and breath
  • Helps maintain healthy blood vessels and Blood Pressure.

Dosage of Organic India Wheat Grass Powder :

1 tea spoon (2 gm) mixed in milk, fruit juice, butter milk, water, or your favorite beverage, twice daily after meals. Recommended for long term use. Organic Wheat grass powder is certified organic, free from toxic effect of chemicals coming from chemical pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives etc. Free from harmful effect of heavy metals, as Tested for and meets international standards of the same (heavy metals).