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Breathe Free
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Breathe Free

Breathe Free

Protects against allergic bronchospasm

Organic India

Breathe Free

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Benefits of Organic India Breathe Free

Asthma & Respiratory Relief
When there is a need to Breathe Free
This Formulation Brings Asthma Relief & Lung Purification
Decongests the pulmonary system and helps repair damaged lung tissues.


Infections of the respiratory tract including lung infections.
Respiratory allergies including allergic asthma.
Bronchial asthma and chronic spasmodic bronchitis.
Complements the treatment of coronary artery diseases.
Today’s exposure to air pollution in city life and increasing numbers of various allergens, make maintaining clean lungs a priority, for a healthy life Breathe free nourishes and supports the vital respiratory functions.

Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Breathe Free contains

Pushkarmool (Inula racemosa) - 250mg

Strong anti – allergic and antihistaminic agent
Cardio protective against respiratory anoxia.
Expectorant proprieties
Potent broncho-dilator

Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 30 mg

Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory immunomodulator, Adaptogen, anti-stress agent.
Calming effect on central nervous system.
Provides antioxidant and other nutrients.

Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) - 30 mg

Expectorant, antipyretic
Mild central stimulation of respiratory centers
Improves psychosomatic component of asthma
Relaxes smooth muscles of respiratory tract

Pippali (Piper longum) - 15 mg

Relief from cough, expectorant
Protects against allergic bronchospasm
Centrally improves depressed respiratory component of bronchial disease.
Breathe Free can be taken simultaneously with most allopathic anti-asthmatic drugs without contraindications. Many patients have found that the dosage of allopathic drugs can be decreased gradually until they are no longer necessary.

Dosage of Breathe Free Capsule :

1-2 capsule twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use. Recommended for long-term use in chronic allergic and bronchial asthma and other forms of COPD.

Recommended for short-term use (1 to 3 weeks) in cases of acute exacerbation of COPD.