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Liquid Foundation
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Olivia Liquid Foundation

Olivia Liquid Foundation

Protects against harmful UV rays.

Olivia Cosmetics

Olivia Liquid Foundation

Price 25g : $ 16.45

Natural Glow 2
Natural Glow

Soft Beige 3
Soft Beige

SunSet Rouge 4
Sunset Rouge

Satin Lvory 1
Satin Lvory

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Beniftis of Liquid Foundation:

This New Generation Liquid Foundation provides a very smooth and clean finish. It has extremely soft application and evens and smoothens the skin in a wonderful way. Its velvety texture blends nicely with the skin making the skin more elastic and softer. This Formula helps hiding expression signs and skin imperfections with high covering power. It includes skin moisturizing ingredients that provide nutrients for your skin, and feel very smooth upon application. Suitable for all skin types. Protects against harmful UV rays.Olivia Satin Finish is a medium to full coverage liquid formulation that blends evenly, giving a soft glow to the skin all day long. It comes 4 natural shades.

• Natural Glow
• Soft Beige
• Sunset Rouge
• Satin Lvory

Natural Glow, Soft Beige, Sunset Rouge, Satin Ivory