Nuzen Herbal
Orthozen Herbal Syrup

 A Unique Herbal Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic
100% Ayurvedic and can be used both by Men & Women
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Nuzen Orthozen Syrup
A Unique Herbal Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic
Herbal Anti-Arthritic Agent

Orthozen Nuzen Herbal Syrup
For Men & Women
Orthozen Syrup Nuzen Herbal - Relieves Joint Pains, Relieves Body aches - Herbal Anti-Arthritic Agent - Potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.

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Orthozen Syrup Nuzen Herbal
- 100% Ayurvedic Product.
For all age group Men & Women

Nuzen Orthozen Syrup - Spring Back to Life
A Unique Herbal Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic

  • Relieves Joint Pains
  • Relieves Body Aches
  • Relieves muscle - aches
  • Herbal anti-arthritic agent
  • No gastric irritation, stomach friendly
  • Made from time tested and efficacious herbs.
  • Potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent

OrthoZen is a unique blend of potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic herbal extracts. Individual herbal extract of OrthoZen are clinically proven to reduce inflammation and various arthritic conditions.

Nuzen OrthoZen Syrup is highly beneficial in conditions of :

Katishula ( Low backache )
Sandhivata ( Osteoarthritis )
Janushula ( Knee joint pain )
Gridrasi ( Sciatica )
Amavata ( Inflammatory joint diseases )
Vatarakta ( Gout )
and various other painful and inflammatory joint pains and in generalized body aches. Orthozen brings back the confidence in immobile arthritic patients.

Ingredients of Nuzen OrthoZen Herbal Syrup:

Each 50ml of OrthoZen contains extract from :

Haridra - 1.000gm
Pippali - 0.500gm
Vanya Ashwagola - 1.000gm
Sthulaela - 1.000gm
Kaalmegh - 1.000gm
Tvak - 0.250gm
Bhutruna - 0.250gm
Syrup Base - q.s.
Preservative - Benzoic Acid.
Contains no artificial colours.

Directions for use of Nuzen OrthoZen Syrup :

The recommended adult oral dosage is 50 ml of OrthoZen daily before breakfast for the first 10 days. If problem persists, continue with a 50 ml dosage on every 3rd day, before breakfast. Use regularly to get relieved from the problem or continue as directed by physician.

Shake well before use.

Caution : Do not use during pregnancy.