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Kamilari Syrup
Improves the vital functions of the liver & protects it from the ill-effects of alcohol

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Kamilari Syrup
Premium Liver Supplement
Kamilari Syrup
Nupal Remedies - Kamilari Syrup - Ayurvedic preparation for liver disorders - Improving the quality of life. Clinically proven - Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. No side Effects - 100% safe

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Kamilari & Syrup - The complete protection for your liver

KAMILARI is an ayurvedic preparation and is a premium liver supplement recommended as effective in the treatment of acute jaundice, and chronic inflamatory liver disorders, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, alcoholism, in various heptatocellular and heptocanalicular conditions. This drug has received wide acceptance, as evidenced from local newspaper reports.

Today's modern lifestyle and food habits leads us to drastic serious illness. Especially consumption of alcohol, bad quality of drinking water, and usage of food items containing pesticides and preservatives, which destroy 70% to 80% of the liver cells without showing any external symptoms and slowly destroying the vital functioning of the liver which leads to Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver enlargement and many other serious liver disorders. Kamilari protects and rejuvenates the liver cells and helps to improve and maintain its vital functioning. Kamilari can be used by children (for loss of appetite and general well-being) as well as adults.

Benefits of Kamilari Syrup :

  • Kamilari is a liver-friendly Ayurvedic preparation that is suitable for all age groups.
  • Kamilari is very effective in the treatment of Jaundice and a reliable aid to combat the ill-effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Regular use of Kamilari prevents Jaundice and ensures general good health.
  • Kamilari can be used safely as per the prescribed dosage to cure and control all liver related afflictions.
  • Kamilari corrects the malfunctions of the liver and protects it from it adversaries.

Indications for use of Kamilari Syrup :

Improves the vital functions of the liver, and protects it from the ill-effects of alcohol.

How does Kamilari act on a person who consumes alcohol?

While consuming alcohol, 90% of the alcohol reaches the liver and turns into carbon dioxide and water. This chemical process produces a by-product called acetaldehyde which remains in the liver. This substance destroys the liver cells and leads to alcoholic cirrhosis. Simultaneously, a chemical substance called tetra hydro isoquinolines(THIQ) gets accumulated in the brain. This substance prompts the brain to require more and more alcohol, which in turn forces alcohol consumption. Kamilari improves the day to day functions of an alcohol ravaged liver. Continuous use of Kamilari, curtails the daily intake levels of alcohol, and ultimately neutralizes the action of THIQ and may induce the user to stop alcohol altogether. The damaged liver cells are progressively healed with Kamilari. Kamilari corrects the malfunctions of the liver, rejuvenates and protects the liver from potential damage. Kamilari virtually throws a ring of security around the liver. It is also very effective in the treatment of Jaundice. Moreover it is a unique Ayurvedic preparation from the house of Nupal Remedies, the pioneers in the field of life saving Ayurvedic medicines. Kamilari will keep at bay liver related problems, bring full health to liver and increase the properties that enhance immunity. By safeguarding our liver, We safeguard our lives too.

Each 250ml Kamilari Syrup is prepared out of:

  • Poovarasu (Thespesia Populnea) : 375g
  • Ardraka (Zingiber Officinalis) : 125g
  • Pippali (Piper Longum) : 375g
  • Ela (Elettari Cardamomum) : 375g
  • Athimadhura (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) : 375g
  • Cicindah (Trichosanthes Cucumerina Linn) : 375g
  • Vilwam (Aegle Marmelos) : 375g
  • Jivanti (Holostemma Adakodein Schulter) : 375g
  • Madhu (Honey) : 313g

Dosage of Kamilari Syrup :

For occasional drinkers and general well-being:

15ml once daily, preferably one hour before meals.

For regular drinkers:

15ml 2 times daily, preferably one hour before meals.

For heavy drinkers:

15ml 3 or 4 times daily, preferably one hour before meals.

For jaundice:

Duration: 4-6 weeks
Adults: 15ml 2 or 3 times daily one hour before meals.
Children: 10ml 2 or 3 times daily one hour before meals.

For general health & as a prevention for jaundice and liver diseases:

Adults: 15 ml once everyday one hour before meals.
Children: 10ml once everyday one hour before meals.

Important :

Please note that patients who suffer from jaundice and serious liver disorders, should avoid salt and oil, drink more boiled jeeraka water or tender coconut water and should stick to a bland vegetarian diet until their system becomes normal. In normal cases, there is no such above mentioned restrictions.

Clinical evaluation of KAMILARI - An Ayurvedic Drug in the Management of Viral Hepatitis and Jaundice.

KAMILARI - a popular marketed antihepatotoxic ayurvedic preparation which has been clinically evaluated for its efficacy in viral hepatitis. The study showed that KAMILARI was useful as an antihepatotoxic agent as it significantly reduced serum bilirubin, ALT and AST values within a week of treatment.

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